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Artist Type: Improving Artist


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


54Kg · 8 Stone, 7.04 Pound

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Her people have special affinity for making anything their minds can imagine out of materials that they have available for them to harvest from. Her focus is more towards fashion, but there are Casnutians whom use their powers to make weapons. She doesn't like their ideals, so she left home to see what else existed.

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A squirrel from the planet Casnut who enjoys travelling about the universe learning about the unique fashions that every world has to offer. She loves to design outfits when she isn't busy getting into trouble on an adventure in a new place. When she finds people in need of her help, she will do what she can to aide them. She is normally a neutral person in quarrels until she has heard each side and can figure out if she should get involved and if so which side. She does not like fighting, but understands that is just is a sad part of life. 

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Starla is open to any of these types of roleplays: sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, romance, smut with storyline

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