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                 Hello, one and all! Welcome to my Throne Room!

Hello, my name is Skitz and welcome to my page. Here's all you need to know about me (WARNING CONTENT MAY CONTAIN OPINIONS THAT CAN POTENTIALLY CAUSE BUTTHURT):

Age♥ 09/20/1993(do the math I'm not updating this every year xD)

Gender♥ female

Real Life Mate Status♥ Engage/Owned by a Master 

Sexuality♥ Bisexual

Commissions♥ OPEN 
PWYW-adopts and base fill-ins



Requests♥ OPEN!!!

Types of Art I am offering currently♥ F2U Line art and base fill-ins and headshots/chibis(digital)  and I am also willing to do simple Traditional Art

Likes♥ art, watching tv shows, anime, pot, LSD, shrooms, Nightcore, dubstep, furries, the 90s cartoons, mlp fim, Old Disney, animals, sushi, chicken related foods that aren't spicy, Master, video games, swimming, literate storyline roleplays, Earth, Gary Johnson, speaking without a filter cause fuck you that's why(yeah a bit of an asshole but I'm a lovable asshole♥[emot=26]), and more

Dislikes♥ Humans(ok maybe not all but most of them), most US laws, authority(oh goddess how I am a rebel xD), spicy foods, mushrooms that aren't magic, feminists(crazy right? being that I too am a female :O), liberals who don't understand what's going on in the world and let terrorists walk all over us, Hilary Clinton, spiders I absolutely Hate spiders, anti-gun people, and more

Roleplay Info♥ Open must be a literate roleplayer and I will only do roleplays that have a decent storyline to them. They can contain erotica. 

Request/Trade List♥


well, folks, that's about all I can think of to tell ya anymore inquiries about me please feel free to send me a message


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Looking for Literate Roleplay Partner

Well as the Title states I am searching for one or more partners to work on a roleplay with me. No Yiff is not needed to be involved and I would prefer our roleplay have a good storyline to it. I am open to almost any ideas anyone may have and I have plenty of characters to use depending on the s...
18/06/2016 15:07


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Skitz Eichen

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Skitz Ixmali

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