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Honestly, there's not much to say here.

My name's Matthew and I'm from California in the United States.

They/Them preferred.

I make an effort to not be a noxious person, and I try not to tolerate noxious behaviour in others.

That does mean not to interact with me if you're into underaged, nonconsensual, or hateful stuff. Just not gonna fly.

No "problematic" furs or Alt-Furs, thank you very much.

Straight up begone from here.

That aside, I like ambient music, especially dark ambient like Hafler Trio and God Body Disconnect; I like action RPGs like Dragon's Dogma and the Souls series; my favourite shows are Eureka Seven and Shin Sekai Yori; and I could honestly stand to read more, although my favourite books are The Road and Perfume.

My relevant interests are in chubby and fluffy girls, with greater amounts of chub and fluff being better than lesser amounts.

I also like glasses a whole frigging lot.


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