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Neko Accessories

So I ordered the Twitchy Kitty robotic cat tail online and I'm hoping to put it towards a demonic cat cosplay once I match it with the robotic mind control cat ears! What do you peeps think?
16/07/2016 09:31
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Heads up guys, gals and every fur in between, got a very lewd art work coming your way soon!
15/06/2016 10:44
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New Art Stuff

OKAY! I bought myself some new colour pencils and a new fine detail paint brush! prepare for some high detailed lewd anthro and neko artworks!
11/06/2016 08:14
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Lewd Art

So, I was thinking of doing some rather untame pieces of artwork and was just wondering how many of you peeps would be keen on that?
28/05/2016 14:40


I'm so bored, someone should hit me up for a chat while I work on another painting
28/05/2016 10:21


omg guys! I JUST realised that I can buy How To Draw Furries books online and omg omg omg Goodbye pay cheque
26/05/2016 15:57
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Pun Lord

Ok, so many of my close friends know that I adore puns and will take any chance to use one. A few days ago while I was in the art supply store, I was looking for some more bits and bobs to just get for a "just in case" moment. While there, I found (lord knows why) little baggies of tiny plastic b...
26/05/2016 11:11
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What is sleep?

It is 3:30am, I have work at 11am, I should be asleep, but I slept literally all night and day yesterday, so now I'm wide awake. Meh, I've done a 5 hour shift after an all nighter before
25/05/2016 15:30
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A Simple Newbie

Hey guys, girls and everyone in between! I'm still very much new here, but I have to say, I like it! I hope to meet many new friends here and maybe even have some awesome RP's! Don't be shy, hit me up fellow fuzz-butts
25/05/2016 14:51