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Published: 16/07/2016 09:31

So I ordered the Twitchy Kitty robotic cat tail online and I'm hoping to put it towards a demonic cat cosplay once I match it with the robotic mind control cat ears! What do you peeps think?

I lost. · 16/07/2016 13:06

Coolio papa cheese  

Tundra · 16/07/2016 13:29

Omg thats so cool! I never knew mind control cat ears  were real! Luck you.

QuirkOLord · 16/07/2016 13:32 · 1 Reply

yeah! they're these ears that have a piece that connects to your temple and react with you're current emotion, so pretty much mind control :D

I lost. · 16/07/2016 13:37

Don't turn into teh terminator o-o 

QuirkOLord · 16/07/2016 13:39 · 1 Reply

*terminator voice* Mew. Mew. Babeh.

I lost. · 16/07/2016 13:43

Dx Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 

Tundra · 16/07/2016 14:38

Thats so cool! Sorry about the hour late reply. Well, im off to sleep goodnight!

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