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DeviantArt/FuraffinitySoFurry survivor.  Sites which had done wrong and still do wrong to members.

FURAFFINITY: Dragoneer accused me of "artheft" without any proof of such accusations and went on ahead in deleting my entire gallery therein. Was banned after voicing my disdain about such actions and decided never to bother with that site, even when he seemingly isn't in charge any longer and the fact that many requests I had made in order to reinstate my account has never been replied to. Not missing this place.

SOFURRY: The place went into a downright spiral filled with toxicity and its staff was no different, some of them going as far as outright insulting calling me a "pedophile," and getting away in being rude and outright trying to intimidate members solely for having administration powers. Was banned when I refused to back down from the bullying received by both members and staff alike and quite frankly I have no reason to go back either.

DEVIANTART: This place hates the furry fandom and any uploading their work there so it is obvious why I am no longer there. On top of that and just like in SOFURRY, administration is toxic and allows bullies to get away with harassment while you get the boot for standing up for such bias. As with the other two sites there is no reason for me to bother with it, being that here too, administration would both ignore my appeals AND would just keep rubbing it on my face as to why they would not allow me to reactivate my accounts. Not caring about it.

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Must Digimon be dragged into this?

Saw a video about how a dubbed version of Digimon Tamers is gone on about Political Correctness and I just can't even deal. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/digimon-tamers-controversy-cancel-culture/ {https://comicbook.com/anime/news/digimon-tamers-controversy-cancel-culture/}
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Patreon re-open

Went on to reopen this thing once again since I will need all the help I can get. I made sure to be secure so anyone who wishes to contribute may feel safe about doing so. I am indeed working on stuff which I will preview over there, so if you can help on contributing, I will be in your debt. Pa...
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helldragon posted to RDK

4 months ago

Sorry, I don't think some sites allow posting from other sites from a convention of any kind ? So anyway that convention is a big furcon in Tulsa, Ok called Tails and Tornadoes!  so this year if I go look for Helldragon my fursona dragon of course a Hot pink and orange purple fursuit with shorts if they still have it starts Sept 3 to 5th of this year 30 dollars at the door or you can preregister to but it's price is going up on their web site Tails and Tornadoes.org enjoy !

helldragon posted to RDK

4 months ago

RDK, your a awesome friend in this community and all the artwork you are giving me means a lot in my my heart i still have a friend but i fear i may never be able to see him glad he is getting help my best friend Donny as after a long time ago his dad died of an heart attack at his house and yes I do get to talk to him but short second talks not much it sucks and it sucks so much he is suffering from severe depression!

But enough of the bad news anyway i thought you might want to know a big convention is coming to Tulsa, OK  in Sept. [media=hdrg6666=][/media]

AutisticWerehog posted to RDK

03/03/2020 11:19

Hi! Just subscribed to you! UwU

RDK · 04/03/2020 08:05

Thank you

AutisticWerehog · 04/03/2020 11:05

You mind subscribing to me and favoriting and commenting on my art?

RDK posted

24/02/2020 16:15

This site is not showing anything else I am trying to upload.

RDK posted

24/02/2020 15:57

I see cub submissons here of the sexual kind as well.  I guess I can contribute some of my own being that the case or staff here can make a sweep of those other submissions as well. I mean, fair is fair.