RDK the Dragon is feeling Aggravated
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How the hell do you do anything here.

Published: 5 months ago

I've tried to submit and edit couple pics I made but seems this site just doesn't want to publish such.  Not sure how this site works.

Colliefan · 5 months ago · 4 Replies

I've not had to edit any but the uploader has always worked well for me. Glad to see you here.

RDK · 5 months ago

Not sure what happened.  Guess I am not good doing anything here.  Sent you a message and you can reply when you can.  That *other* site can burn in hell.

Colliefan · 5 months ago

Getting used to this site is like going from auto to stick, more work but worth it.

RDK · 5 months ago

I will keep on trying then

Colliefan · 5 months ago

Trust me you'll be happy here.

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