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Fuck SoFurry

Published: 10 months ago

Not long ago my ban on that site was expired. I was banned for more than a year after I stood up to their bullshit and bullying, something people who run that place deeply despise because they believe having power over running a site means you will have to be silent and take it without any right to fight against it. I was on that place before it was even known as "sofurry" and to my recollection was never treated that badly the whole time I was a member of that site.

After Toumal decided to hand over responsbilities to questionable people I was confronted more by trolls and assholes who would go over talk down on me at my own journals and submissions, not unlike that other site called furaffinity. It was when one of their staff called me "pedophile" when I just had about enough. Even when that jerkwad was taken cared of, the damage was already done and I wsn't going to look at this place the same again. Sure enough, more asshole-like staff would pop up trying to talk me down whenever I had a problem with a troll in that place, to the poing of being ban happy and disabling my account on certain parts of that place just to let me know that they could care less about being tyrants and abusers of power at all.

I did not had to go through the shit that I endured in deviantart and furaffinity just to find out sofurry was becoming just as bad. I had tried talking to any of these people and never got anything but excuses as to why they were being such shitheads about anything. So when I finally was able to use my account again I modified a journal post to let them know how things were between us now and that I was not going to bother being there ever again much less upload any of my stuff as well. I did find out that when I had tried to upload anything, it just came as a "draft" and was not able to make it visible to the public at all. Yeah, that was clear indication these jerkwads were going to still messing with me even when I would make the mistake of using that site again. Fuck that.

So yes, after leaving my last statement on that place I was permanently banned, as with that other awful furaffinity site when I voiced my disdain about dragoneer fucking up my account and deleting my ENTIRE gallery for the hell of it. I can state that I do not feel bad about it at all and that I am glad I never supported either site being that they all share the same level of awfulness when it comes to any member that refuses to kiss their ass just to use such places.

And I will also add that I TRIED talking to Toumal about all this. Before I was banned fir such a long time he never bothered to address any issues or try to replace such ban happy individuals which includes some guy who now manages the entire site and who also is in charge of overseeing anyone who tries to lift a ban status. Yeah, said guy also has a grudge against me so why should I even bother?

I am not going to miss that place if anything. Happy I don't have to come back either.

Colliefan · 10 months ago

The site started to go downhill when changed from Yiffstar to Sofurry, then each bad decision made by Toumal followed by the useless staff not doing their jobs right made the site antisocial.
I got told off by the staff once for voicing my problems with SF and they threatened me with a temp ban if I said another word against the site.
I backed off and didn't do anything only to get banned anyway due to an old journal highlighting issues with the site that was posted months before the warning was given so I shouldn't have been banned.
I fought it and although I was right they said the ban sticks and I should see it as long overdue for things I got away with.

SF isn't a nice site anymore, unlike Furiffic where you feel welcome.

RDK · 10 months ago


GlassDragon · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

YIKES! Good to know. I have my net spread wide right now until I find the best alt platform to be on. Thanks for the warning about SoFurry, I'll definitely avoid it now.
So far it looks like Newgrounds or FurryNetwork is the most promising. I like Furrific here but it's pretty dead and needs some quality of life improvements (with notifications in particular) to be great.

RDK · 9 months ago

Its best you never go to that sofurry site indeed.

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