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To hell with Discord

Published: 5 months ago

Recently this thing has been locking accounts and demanding phone numbers to be used ever so often if you want to keep using yours. That gives me annoying vibes being that other stupid site twitter does the same. Unlike it however, this place will either grant you access or not and you have to go through the pain of asking their "support" page to stop fucking around.

I had to make a new account as result and now its happening again. Not sure what the hell is their problem, being that this is just a glorified CHATROOM and your accounts have no personal info to speak of unlike most social media ones anyway. I have this feeling that unless you embed your phone number into such things this stupid site will let you use said account with no problems, something I am verily against and not going to comply with.

Not that I care much about this site. In the few months I had made an account I've seen how ugly it gets, with bullying and harassment running rampant and Discord itself caring little about it. I have used it only to get into servers that are linked to sites and artists I follow, never bothering to interact with nobody unless I had a reason to.

So you know what, if ASScord wants it to make it difficult for you to use it then I am not bothering. Too much drama I can live without honestly. Its after all, a CHATROOM and little else.

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