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Halting any works for the time being

Published: 8 months ago

Due to the current situations and the possible event of being evicted, something that I had tried hard to prevent without much success, I will try to finish and upload any works I am currently working on but will not do much after that, this includes commissions being halted for the time being as well.

If such notice comes at my door and I won't be able to do anything about it this time around, I will prepare and pack up what I can carry by the time I am asked to vacate. I won't be able to log online for a while, or even longer being this the case so no sense in working on anything for that reason.

Hopefully things will not come to this but I am not taking for granted any hopes that I am still holding onto. Will let anyone reading this know if I am still being able to stay a bit longer, or will be leaving for the time being.

Replic · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

Hey man, I don't know you but I really hope you can figure something out and that things will take a turn for the better, stay strong and keep up hope, everything currently is a shitshow, I really hope you get out of this in a decent way.

All I can say is, Good luck and hopefully things get better soon.

RDK · 8 months ago


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