RDK the Dragon is feeling Aggravated
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I could waste more time in creating yet another twitter account just to promote my stuff from here and other art sites and the result would be the same. Either it would get locked to hell and back demanding my phone number to keep using it, or just get suspended and quite frankly I had found out this is not really the way for me to bother in using that piece of social media garbage anymore.

Bad enough this place has become one of the most toxic places you could ever bother to be on and use it, where bullies seem to get away with harassment and riddled with stupid bots that react whenever you use your account "too much." A place where you send appeal after appeal after being suspended for the stupidest of reasons and said bots just reply with the same notes telling you violate their so called rules and nothing more.

I had only used ONE account here for the longest of times that has nothing to do with what I do on sites like these and its pretty much personal than anything else, and even then it still gets locked whenever I bother look into it and make the mistake of "tweeting" anything.

This level of incompetent handling by its neglectful CEO Jack Dorsey its simply abysmal. He could care less of course, even being vocal on about his platform never being in favor of Freedom of Speech nor anything else you ever wanted it to use whenever you saw ads promising you how "fun" it is to have an account there.

Facebook is constantly being put into court for invading the privacy of its users, its a matter of time before TWITTER could face the same for using stupid bots to constantly harassing accounts and forcing them to use their phone numbers to unlock them just for USING said accounts. I am not even joking, if you don't have a certain number of followers your account is a lot more subjectable to be locked or even suspended than when you post anything that would be deem against ANY rules you ever read online. You are judged by numbers, not content in that stupid place.

Even if you manage to have enough followers it will at times mess with you explaining that at times they have to do it just for "security reasons," and all that bullshit.

Sounds more like they like oppressing anyone who bothers using it to me.

The fact that there are countless toxic bullies floating around in that place is just the cherry on top.

So there, I no longer use twitter for art purposes and quite frankly, I never needed such to begin with. Don't think anyone should at this point.

Quakehoof · 2 months ago

Me neither. It's a sorry state of affairs when 4chan makes me less angry than twitter.

RDK · 2 months ago


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