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Dinosaur Planet ROM released

Published: 1 month ago

Yep, now you can (mostly) play Rare's cute game with original Krystal before Nintendo got its greasy greedy fingers on it and messed it up for most of us. The ROM was acquired by some indie company called Forest of Illusion and it features a prototype built up by fans to have an almost finished game featuring a feline looking Krystal who never got kidnapped and could use her staff for the entirety of the game to bash scaly bad guys while Sabre (I mean FOX MCCLOUD) would be on his own story using a sword and having that insufferable Tricky tagging along. To my understanding this game would switch between characters so you could play it through it without having to choose between them from the beginning, which is actually a better idea than what Nintendo ended up doing.

The addition of Fox here meant that this prototype was in the stages of being transformed into Starfox Adventures so sadly, no Saber whatsoever. Although you can still see his profile icon whenever you access the menu when playing as a huge eyed Fox here.

You can see footage of the prototype side by side with Starfox Adventures on the video link below.


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