Rembrandt Dassen the Wolf is feeling Thoughtful
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

I'm just an artist, an artist that makes the world, constructivism and philosophy just springs out and surprises me, just jumping out and grabbing me into deep thought and hard thinking doubting everything that comes close to conclusion. I'm just a thinker in a world that is detected and seen by thinking, thinking in situations, sometimes comes from thinks that are not touchable, like the human fantasy. Now while you just reread that to figure out what I just said, I'm continuing with my doubtful life "making art that comes from the heart." I usually make steampunk/diselpunk art, I used to make a lot of landscapes and skies with some airships or cities in it but I'm now specialising myself in people, all kinds of people, man or animal, all sexes and all different personalities, the art of making people that you can only know from outside, from how they look, stand and pose.


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Species: Cheegon
Artist Type: pron artist
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Replic posted to Rembrandt Dassen

13/11/2014 07:04

Thanks for the watch Rembrandt! :) glad you made it here ^^

Rembrandt Dassen · 14/11/2014 16:35

Yes, me too, I already like this site a lot, great search and tag system and a very nice uploading system, this has a lot of potential, maybe a second furaffinity?

Replic · 15/11/2014 07:45

I guess that's what we are aiming for ^^

Rembrandt Dassen · 15/11/2014 09:57

Well, you got it right in the middle then, now shoot!

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