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Just a 27 year old Married lady with 2 gorgeous little monstrous boys! I love to draw and furry art is just something I've been doing for over 10 years now. stumbled into the fandom at about 13 and since i've always loved animals and have never been good at human faces but could draw the bodies fury just made sense to my artistic ability as far as what was comfortable. We are an Airforce family and actually just returned stateside after a 3 year tour in Germany :) We are now located on the east coast which is very new to me having grown up in WA state around seattle and then living in southern AZ for a few years ( where I met my husband ). Always up for talking to new people and making friends, though i don't call someone a friend right off the bat. I like to take my time REALLY getting to know people.


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Eddie posted to Twitch

17/09/2015 13:38

Ah! It's you! =D

Twitch ยท 17/09/2015 22:34

Its a me!

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