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Why does "artist type" not have an option for "A little of everything but rarely finishes things"?

Though I suppose I should be putting an actual description here huh?


I'm not a social person, in fact I often go out of my way not to interact with people. That's why you'll almost never see me active on the major social media platforms, at a party or con, and I'll often lurk in the background of a community, sometimes for years, before actually making a proper account and contributing anything.

My legal name is Ben, and offline that's what I go by, but online I prefer to go by Sarah. Yes, I know those are both gender-specific names, and opposites, that's on purpose. I don't actually resent or feel uncomfortable with either side of me, (though I DO hate my full name, and much prefer it's truncated form. But that's more to do with Benjamin sounding stupid, and having to tell people how my last name should be spelled/pronounced got old really fast.) but not having places for both of me feels, wrong. Incomplete. I'm not really sure how to describe it better than that. I don't really know how or why my head works like that, I'm not sure what label that puts me under, but I guess I'm kinda weird like that. Oh well, weird or not I'm happy with it, and that's what matters right?

So, yeah, if you know me from offline, I will answer to Ben, but I would much prefer my other name while we're here.

I prefer feminine pronouns over masculine, for the same reasons as the name thing, but I HATE being addressed by unusual/androgynous pronouns.

I enjoy both writing and drawing, and have been doing both for fun since I figured out how to hold a pencil decades ago, but my creations infrequently make it past sketches and world building. I find the concept stage far more interesting than the execution, and it holds me back at times...


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The AI program running the DSN-1005538-XE combat chassis.
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Hi there! Thanks for subscribing to me! 🐾

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