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About The Song:

Okay! So..Just like many of my songs/lyrics. This one has kind of a "story/theory" behind the whole thing.

At the end of a neutral run, Alphys is nowhere to be found. My theory is that she went down to the True Lab in a state of pure guilt, depression and filled with regret. Because of that she decided to put an end on everything, she released all the amalgamates form the lab and performed her last experiment on herself turning into "The last Amalgamate"

I've had my share
Living a lie
Everything I could have possibly tried

Blood on my hands
Tears on my past
Trying to build us a future to last

I feel ashamed
I want to hide
Deep on the shadows of my own demise

Taking the pain
Of thousands of lifes
Seems like I know just what regret feels like

All of my failures are alive and breathing
Trapped in the darkness of such a cold place
They look at me but cannot hear me screaming
And I can't stand looking at my own face

Guilt is consuming my beaten up heart
I lost my meaning so I should depart
Death is the only thing left to relate
I shall become the last amalgamate

Art by yulpen: http://yulpen.deviantart.com/art/Alphys-610903835

Download Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77169454/Free%20Downloads/%E3%80%90Radix%E3%80%91The%20Last%20Amalgamate.mp3 (Right click, Save As...)

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