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Activity Reminder

This is a small reminder that sometimes I don't always update every single site I run on, especially if I get busy or I just plain get distracted. As a result, if you really want to keep track of all that I do, you can find my stuff at the following sites: Scribble-Liberty (Main Art Blog) - http:...
23/11/2015 14:44

2 for 1 Commission Deal

For TODAY only, October 10th, 2015, I'm holding a 2 for 1 Commission Deal. Purchase any type of commission and get one of equal value. Commission prices can be found at scribble-liberty.weebly.com, feel free to message me/comment with any questions!
10/10/2015 14:20


I'm rather lenient with art thieves. Almost every grown artist I know has at some point in their younger years taken other people's artwork for a variety of reasons, many of them unaware that art theft is a thing to begin with. There's a lot of room to educate folks on the matter, and so whenever...
24/09/2015 00:07


Giving this an old go.
04/09/2015 22:45