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Published: 24/09/2015 00:07


I'm rather lenient with art thieves. Almost every grown artist I know has at some point in their younger years taken other people's artwork for a variety of reasons, many of them unaware that art theft is a thing to begin with. There's a lot of room to educate folks on the matter, and so whenever I see one, I tend to give a casual look over the situation before I consider it hostile.

This one's hostile and is coming from the Transformers community.

The user in question has had a Google+ account that has been flagged on multiple occasions since February of last year for stealing and reposting a friend's pile of artwork.If this was a case of someone just admiring an artist's hard work, I'd let it slide. But it's not. Going through the photos shows that the chick has on multiple occasions reposted work, specifically editing out what credits are blindingly obvious on the page. I could write up a list of roughly 20-30 people thus far that she has stolen from.

Is it a lack of education? No. It's deliberate. Aside from cropping out credits, when approached, she claimed that folks were giving her the artwork claiming that they did it, but when asking for the artist's names, silence ensued. When asked to remove the artwork, her group of friends were quick to do a bout of 'White Knighting', telling the actual artist in question to back off and leave her alone because she put so much hard work into the OC's backstory---which isn't her character to begin with.

After a report with Google and finally some removals on the thief's end, we figured this was the end of the situation.

Of course it isn't. As of today, the thief's back to reposting artwork again. When confronted again, the story this time is that this is a friend of the original owner of the account. If you've ever owned a Google+ profile, you're more than aware that giving an account over to a friend involves giving your Gmail and Youtube information. Not something you give freely. She also claims she's been trying to delete the account and doesn't know how. This response was directly after the artist outright messaged her on how to delete the account.

Because of the thief's reluctance to remove the artwork that is not hers, and Google's rather delayed responses with each filled form, Acro is hoping the other artists that have had their work stolen and their friends can help us get this account flagged and closed.  No harassment or cussing required, just polite removals and insistence if need be.

In regards to this matter, something does need to be made clear it seems in the Transformers community:It is not your right to use someone's artwork or their characters for your own roleplays and personal or commercial use. Especially if the characters and artwork in question are of personal significance to the artist involved. It does not matter how much 'hard work' you have constructed around the artwork or OC. It is not yours to appropriate. These are not characters coming from a successful company franchise or a financially sound background. This is not a case of 'fan art' or 'appreciating the artist'. If you have the dedication to roleplay and construct the worlds and situations that you do, you have the dedication to create your OWN shit for said roleplays and worlds. If the artist in question has approached you and told you to remove the artwork and to not use their work, or displays clear rules about not using their characters or their work in any situation not involving them,it is your job to respect that.

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