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If you have a problem with someone who uses any form of weed, please move on. While I rarely smoke it, I do use edibles and my boyfriend does smoke himself. This is our choice, so please just move on and do not cause drama

I really don't know what to put here, I guess first off, I do have clinical depression as well as ptsd, an anxiety disorder and possibly bi polar, as well as some other mental issues, so there are times where I will just up and disappear for a little while. But I will always come back ^^

I'm a gamer and I also love music. (Eventually plan to make a secondlife as well, once i have a computer that can run it)
Ummmm, am a submissive type in the bdsm world but that doesn't mean I will allow people to just use me however they want. I do have a Dominant type, that said we are poly but that doesn't mean I'm going to jump into other relationships, gotta get to know me first. As well as get the approval from my Master

Love making new friends, but if you never talk to me or are only interested in getting free art then we will never be friends.


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Species: squirrel
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Species: rabbit
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