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Hi! I'm just a bat from San Antonio finding it pretty cool there's others I was never aware of in my own area!

I work full time at the Calaveras Power Plant security on weekends and nights and draw during my time off. I like Pokemon and datng simulators and Fridays I tend to go to the zoo in the mornings before it get's too hot. I do suffer social anxiety and mild depression from my lack of a life but am generally a chill furson who likes going to movies, the museum, the zoo or adventuring when not forced to.

I generally commission $10 per character $50 for NSFW because I don't like drawing that and don't take requests for free art because I have bills that need to be paid and food that needs to be put on the table like everyone else. I'm open for Role Play via Skype but am not open to be anyones girlfriend as I have a fiance. 

I guess I should do some deets:

Name: Raven Aerdith Black

Nickname: The Ravebat

Age: Age is just numbers and I'm not interested in that

Gender: Gender Fluid... I fluctuate, some days I'm male, some days I'm female but generally I identify as genderless or neutral

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Likes: War, battle, torture, randomness, chaos, Transformers, X-men, most things Marvel and Some DC like Justice League, Halloween, horror movies, action movies, writing deep romaction plots, fruit gummies, coffee, Hot chocolate, Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Chicken, Romaction fantasy involving shifters or vampires, tragic characters, victims of circumstance "villains", all animals large and small, most fantastical realms and creatures, Egyptian mythology, Norse Mythology, Paganism, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queen of the Damned, Interview with the Vampire and almost all music

Dislikes: Batman, Sumerman, chocolate, talking religion or politics, glittering vampires, smut roleplay that hasn't had reason or deep story that lead up to that point, one-liners, constant cursing (Some swearing is fine but I don't like constantly being sworn at) Rap (with the exception of Eminem)

I hope you have a pawsome day!

Peace out!


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