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Ever since he was a child, Ray has had a hard time making friends. He was shy but loved meeting new ponies. Most other ponies made fun of him because he was a blank flank. Most days, Ray would stay in his room and play his games. Whenever he got home from school, he'd play his games and grew better and better at them, playing on a new difficulty everyday. One day on his way home from school, he saw a flyer from an upcoming video game tourney. He decided to signup and compete against the best gamers in Equestria. He played his hardest and made it to the final round of the tourney. He played his hardest against his opponent but he unfortunately lost against him. As Ray looked down in defeat, he noticed his flank glowing. He looked and saw a cutie mark in its place, a joystick cutie mark, showing that he was a serious gamer. The crowd saw that he earned his cutie mark and cheered for him. Even though Ray's opponent got a trophy for winning, he didn't care. All that mattered to him in that moment was that he had finally earned his cutie mark.


A little Epilogue too:


As Ray walked home from the tourney, he saw that his house was in flames. He ran inside to save his parents but saw that they were already dead. His father was crushed under some wooden rubble and his mother was burnt against the wall, the stove was on fire and a wooden shelf hung over it, also in flames. Ray assumed that his mom probably left the stove on and it burned the shelf. He saw the house begin to shake and immediately ran out. He turned to his home and saw it crumble to the ground. He saw that other ponies surrounded his home and watched it crash down with him. Ray's childhood. His family memories. His own family. All destroyed. He began to cry and a close friend of his, a blue earth pony with a cutie mark of a Wii Remote, said that Ray could live with him until he found a new home to live in. For about 2 years, Ray lived with his friend and got a job at the Arcade to pay for rent. One day when Ray walked to his friend's home, he saw that another pony, a brown unicorn with a beard stood over his friend. Ray walked over to him but saw his friend dead in front of the unknown unicorn. Ray began to back away and the brown unicorn, but he turned and pointed a gun at Ray. Ray then remembered that the unicorn was his opponent from the tournament. The unicorn pulled out at knife and tried to attack Ray, slicing at him but either missing or cutting up his mane. Ray successfully was able to escape and hide at the library. Twilight Sparkle, a purple unicorn, walked in and saw him hiding and terrified. She walked over to him and asked him what was wrong. He told her that someone was out to kill him and he needed to leave town. Twilight explained to him that if he just left town, the criminal would find him soon and still be able to kill him. Twilight packed Ray some bags and opened a portal for him to a new world for him to escape to. Ray agreed and walked through the door, and the next thing he knew, he was walking on two legs and he had two arms and hands. He looked around and saw animals of different species and sizes walking up and down the street and driving cars. He began to explore the world, learning about what everyone does and likes to do.


How Ray met Tyler:


Ray looked down and saw that he was wearing a red tee shirt and blue shorts. He reached into the pockets of his shorts and pulled out an address in one hand and a $20 bill in the other. Ray looked at the address and wodered why Twilight gave it to him. He saw a taxi coming down the road and signaled for it. As the taxi stopped and brought him to the address location, Ray payed the bat who was driving and left the vehicle with a backpack with his cutie mark on it and a green luggage with black stripes on it. He walked to the front door of the 2-story home and knocked on the door. A black husky with sky blue hair, read eyes and green rimmed glasses answered the door wearing a white wife-beater and light-black boxers.


Tyler: "Uh...who are you?"

Ray: "M-My name's Ray. I was sent to this address to live here for what I believe."


Tyler nods in understandment


Tyler: "Well, come on in, I'm Tyler and I'll let you live here for as long as you need to."

Ray: "Actually, I think it will be a very long time, there is a unicorn after me."

Tyler: "What?! Where are you from?!"

Ray: "I'm from the land of Equestria, and there is an evil unicorn out to kill me. I need a place to hide. Mr. Tyler, please let me live with you."


Tyler thinks it over and nods.


Tyler: "Sure kid, you can live here."


Ray hugs Tyler and smiles brightly.


Ray: "Thanks so much sir!"

Tyler: "Heh, no prob kid."


Ever since that day Ray and Tyler grew closer together, going from complete strangers to best friends to brothers for life.

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Has the ability to change between a horse, husky, and bunny


1.75 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.89 Inches


71.28Kg · 11 Stone, 3.14 Pound

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A creative husker with a shy yet outgoing personality. He enjoys making friends even through he has trouble speaking with those he doesn't know well.

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