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Hey guys so I finally decided to put together a commission sheet for this year showcasing all of my styles in one simple layout instead of having to click through a lot of older artwork when deciding whenever or not you want to commission me. Now featuring my most recent art style in a more streamlined way!

Remember I do draw both SFW and NSFW. I can draw Anthro, feral, human, weird monsters you name it.

I do not require a reference image to draw your character, I can work from description!

Always remember the more description you give of appearance, personality, things they do, etc, the better the final piece will turn out!

I am very open to drawing most fetishes, but I will absolutely NOT draw Cub or underaged in NSFW scenarios, watersports, scat, fatal vore, or sexualized violence/gore.

I also offer Comics and Sequences!

A comic page with multiple panels per page
Flat Color Comic Pages (simple backgrounds)
$30-$100 Per Page

Fully Shaded Comic Pages (detailed backgrounds)
$50-$120 Per Page

Pricing on comic pages varies by complexity, number of panels and number of characters.


A single image page to be read in a certain order primarily for transformations, but I would be open to other ideas.

Flat Color Sequences:
Three pages for $35
Five pages for $50
Ten pages for $90

Fully Shaded Sequences
Three pages for $50
Five pages for $85
Ten pages for $155

Additional characters would be +$8 per page
Detailed backgrounds will be $15 per page or a flat $15 if you want me to reused the same background in each page.

Large Character Badges
Large Character Badge - $20 + $5 Shipping

These will be drawn digitally and printed on card stock then laminated and shipped to you!

Badges will be between 8"-10" at their largest

Information needed from you:
-Commission Type
-Character Name
-Any particular pose in mind?
-Full body or Bust
-Detailed description of markings or reference
-Background description (if getting a background, if not specify if transparent or simple color/mood background preferred)
-How you plan to pay
-Your email address (For me to send both the invoice and final artwork to)

(For Furcadia Portrait art only)
-Remap or NonRemap (If Remapping include Color Code)

Terms of Service
• By commissioning me you are agreeing to and accepting my Terms of Service.
• I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
• I have the right to drop any commission and provide a refund if I wish.

Payment, Refunds and Edits:
• I require payment to be sent upfront to claim a commission slot.
• You may pay half upfront and half upon approving a sketch IF your commissions is $30 or more.
• Once the sketch is complete and approved I will not continue working on your artwork until I receive full payment for the piece.
• Artwork is non-refundable once you accept a sketch, but I will try and make any edits you would like me to make it more to your liking.
• I will charge extra if you want me to change major sections of artwork after you already approved a sketch.

Posting and Other Rights:
• The commissioner may post the final commissioned artwork on whatever site they like with proper crediting.
• The commissioner may use the commissioned artwork to credit t-shirts, print outs, etc for PERSONAL use only.
• The commissioner may NOT use the commissioned artwork to create prints, t-shirts, etc to sell or redistribute.
• If you wish to commission a piece with the intent of selling or using for commercial use please speak to me about this before hand, prices for commercial use will be higher than standard personal use prices.
• I retain all rights to my artwork.
• I can use any of my artwork for self promotion, advertisements, portfolio, etc.
• If you do not wish for me to post the artwork done for you please let me know at the time of commissioning.
• The commissioner will receive Digital Artwork only. Final artwork will be in .PNG format Physical artwork will not be produce to shipped to you for the standard price. I can create physical prints and have them shipped to you for an additional fee which will have to be discussed prior to me starting the commission.
• All characters I did not create are copyright of their respective owners.
• You may NOT upload or use artwork not made for you without permission.
• You may NOT trace, edit, copy or claim my artwork as your own.
• You may NOT pay another artist to edit my artwork without my permission.

Accepted Forms of Payment
SquareUp USD
Paypal USD
Furcadia Life Digos (I may not be interested in some, message me BEFORE I start your commission with what digo you have to offer)

Things that help if working from description(and in general)
Build/body type
Eye color
Digitgrade or plantigrade legs
Hair style (links to pictures of a particular haircut help a lot)
What clothing do they wear (if any, and again picture of real clothing can help a lot)
Detailed marking description
What they do (are they hunters, students, do they have a job?)

Contact Me:

Email: TheRecurrent[at]gmail.com

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