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Overthinker, always in trouble.
I avoid people. Nothing personal with anyone. Respect that, please.
European. I speak English and Spanish. French and German next on my list. :)
My anaconda don't want none of your fuckin dramas unless you disrespect my friends.
All about robots, cats and birds. Also octopi. If you like food, I probs like you. 
Sphynx and Oriental Shorthair cats. For real tho ♥.
NB male, gray ace.

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Woop, I find the site pretty interesting and the submission upload options are really cool. It's a shame there aren't many people, but with some time, hopefully :) Good day everyone.
29/07/2015 16:17


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Other · Unspecified · Asexual · Aquarius
Role-playing No
Nicknames Ren
22/05/2016 12:08


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Species: dragon
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Species: marten
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