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I am a level 6+ amateur writer that wants to become a published writer someday. I want to make a million dollars in sales on one of my novels. Then, I would be accomplished. I want to keep my professional writing and for fun writing seperate. This account is just for fun. I am also reading and practicing cartooning and consider myself an amateur level 1.8 cartoonist out of a level 3 amateur cartoonist by the time I finish the third book. I am nearly done with the second book.

I will admit that growing up I wanted to have a writer friend and have us exchange stories so I hope to find a writing friend.

This is a new account for me of Furrific. In the furry community, I've been on FA a while but wanted to start anew so made this new account but didn't want to link back to old accounts.


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Weekly Update 8/16/2019

I am reading about consequentialism and will read other philosophies such as ethical egoism and social darwinism. I will take a look at instrumentalism, conventionalism, and a few others. I have looked at a few of those before already. I made a few decisions for myself personally for writing and ...
2 months ago

Weekly Update 8/10/2019

I did a quiz on dungeon's and dragon's website for character alignment. Instead of doing it from a character's, I just took the quiz normally as I would choose to act in the situation. I was brutally honest as I felt. The alignment I got was Neutral Evil. Wow, that's scary isn't it? Maybe there's...
2 months ago


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Mvilu Uatusun posted to Reogold

3 months ago

Thanks for the follow.  I hope I don't disappoint you.

Hraefn posted to Reogold

3 months ago

Thanks so much for the sub~ ^v^

Reogold ยท 3 months ago

Yer welcome :3

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