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I am a level 6+ amateur writer that wants to become a published writer someday. I want to make a million dollars in sales on one of my novels. Then, I would be accomplished. I want to keep my professional writing and for fun writing seperate. This account is just for fun. I am also reading and practicing cartooning and consider myself an amateur level 1.8 cartoonist out of a level 3 amateur cartoonist by the time I finish the third book. I am nearly done with the second book.

I will admit that growing up I wanted to have a writer friend and have us exchange stories so I hope to find a writing friend.

This is a new account for me of Furrific. In the furry community, I've been on FA a while but wanted to start anew so made this new account but didn't want to link back to old accounts.


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Weekly Update 7/14/2019

Got a lot of things that happened to me over the week. I went to the doctor on wednesday. He agrees that it was probably me losing all the weight. He prescribed me some prednisone for the tailbone pain and has me an ibuprofin regimen. The prednisone is only for seven days and the ibuprofin will c...
5 days ago

Weekly Update 7-7-2019

This week was short at work, I had the fourth off but went to bed early because I went in the 5th and helped move things around
1 week ago


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Mvilu Uatusun

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Mvilu Uatusun posted to Reogold

1 week ago

Thanks for the follow.  I hope I don't disappoint you.

Hraefn posted to Reogold

1 week ago

Thanks so much for the sub~ ^v^

Reogold ยท 1 week ago

Yer welcome :3

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