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Names Replic TuaniOne , living in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
Digital (hobbyist) artist since Aug 2012 and trying to improve ever since.


Replic | Gray Wolf / Fox Mix | Male ♂ | Gay | 29 | Dutch | Taken

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28 - 09 - 2015


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Sorry guys

So, as you may have noticed, the 2.0 didn't go as planned, the idea's are there, just not the resources and time. I started a company called Repingo with my fiancé in January 2021, this is taking a lot of time, it is working out really well, but this means I had no time to help design the new v...
1 week ago

Getting more fit is awesome!

So I've been doing workouts for 2 months now and lost almost 10kg (22.1lbs) and it feels awesome!, I can't get enough of it. I still have a long way to go though, I'm currently 112.2kg (246.9lbs) and want to go to at least 99kg's (218.2lbs), I do hope to hit that in December, when I turn 30 y/o...
7 months ago


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Male · Red fox · Gay · Gemini
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Nicknames FingoFox, DreamyFox
7 months ago


Male · Wolfox · Gay ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Rep, RTO, Wolfox, Folf
The furbulously derping Wolfox!
8 months ago


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Species: Mutt
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Species: kitsune
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xXAlphaWolfArrowXx posted to Replic

6 months ago

Hey im new here i was wondering. how do you add Relationships to your characters im having a little issue it wont let me choose a chatacter xD

Replic · 6 months ago

Yeah, I think that one is broken, I tried to do it myself and didn't get any names either...

We have to wait for 2.0 to get this fixed, sorry!

xXAlphaWolfArrowXx · 6 months ago · 1 Reply

oh not a problems thanks for getting back to me so quick c:

Replic · 6 months ago

Haha, no problem ^^, if you have more questions I'm happy to help you out :) have a good one!

Gryphon posted to Replic

13/01/2016 06:45

Thanks for Subscribing, its greatly appreciated ^v^

Replic · 13/01/2016 19:46

 Your welcome ^^ love your work ^^

Gryphon · 14/01/2016 13:08

Thanks ^V^

Zahrah posted to Replic

06/08/2015 17:59

Thanks a lot for subing =)

Replic · 08/08/2015 15:22

No problem :) keep up the good art ^^

Rurik posted to Replic

01/08/2015 17:23

Thanks for the faves!

Replic · 03/08/2015 15:10

Sure thing :)

Sparks posted to Replic

29/07/2015 18:46

thanks for the help :3

I am basically doing a mass upload of over 700 pics and I was bound to miss a few ;3;

now I just need to organize them into their folders X3

Replic · 03/08/2015 15:11

So I heard from a co-mod x3, glad you figured it out though :)

Duo Theus posted to Replic

29/07/2015 18:17

Thanks for the fave mate

Replic · 03/08/2015 15:11

No problem :)

Aleister posted to Replic

27/07/2015 16:38

thank you for the fav! ^-^

Replic · 03/08/2015 15:11

Your welcome ^^

Aleister · 03/08/2015 17:53


Riley posted to Replic

18/07/2015 16:30

Thank you so very much for subscribing! 

Replic · 19/07/2015 10:27

No problem ^^ you have some good stuff there ^^

Riley · 19/07/2015 10:52

Thank you! Be sure to visit whitefeathersrain@furaffinity for the full amount of my work XD! [

Kekai Arcasune posted to Replic

11/01/2015 18:19

Wow, Am I glad I signed up for this site, I been missing on great artists like you! [emot=2]

Replic · 29/06/2015 13:28

Thank you very much ^^, hope you enjoy it here :)

Stevie C posted to Replic

19/11/2014 01:32

I made an account as you suggested. Testing shall commence! :3

Replic · 19/11/2014 05:13

Herrr derrr! Welcome mate :D glad to have you here ^^

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