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Recent events

Due to recent events, I've been deleting some pages, images and journals. These are deleted due to callouts and harresment. If you have any questions, please comment on this journal and I'll see what I can do. Thank you.
1 week ago

Sorry guys

So, as you may have noticed, the 2.0 didn't go as planned, the idea's are there, just not the resources and time. I started a company called Repingo with my fiancé in January 2021, this is taking a lot of time, it is working out really well, but this means I had no time to help design the new v...
1 month ago

Getting more fit is awesome!

So I've been doing workouts for 2 months now and lost almost 10kg (22.1lbs) and it feels awesome!, I can't get enough of it. I still have a long way to go though, I'm currently 112.2kg (246.9lbs) and want to go to at least 99kg's (218.2lbs), I do hope to hit that in December, when I turn 30 y/o...
7 months ago
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First mockup of Furiffic 2.0

|Hey there fluffs!|We are currently working hard on 2.0, the first mockups are done and a good deal of coding has been done. Our first step is to have a working Alpha / Preview website soon, we think to have something within a couple of weeks, keep a eye out on Twitter
8 months ago
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Furiffic 2.0 and what the future will bring

Hello there everyone Lets talk about Furiffic, it's been some time, we have been a bit quiet, but it's time to change that! We are working on Furiffic 2.0, a website that will be quicker, more useful and much more.. Keep an eye out for the Announcements! (read more)
8 months ago


So it's been some time, how are you guys doing? I hope to update this soon again, it's been way to long. Anyways, I'm back with art, I've been out for it for some time now and now I feel good enough again to give it a reboot, hope you enjoy!
9 months ago

Next up, the Bunny (Sketch

The bunny is coming, you can see the sketch here:
23/08/2015 11:20

New sketch and website info

So I've been busy... with work, this took some time to adjust to, but it's kinda getting where I want to go. But now, back to business, I had made sketch x3 You can check it out here on my website:
03/08/2015 14:12
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Welcome to Furiffic!

Welcome all! Thank you for joining Furiffic, hope you guys like the website and features and we hope you will find your way here :) If you want to ask a question, don't be afraid to ask! We're here for you to make it all work ^^ Have a wonderful day and stay awesome!
17/07/2015 16:32

Get the Furbulous Rainbow pack!

*Like all furbulous characters and what it in your room?* Get it for cheap! starting at 30 dollars to get this whole pack! Go to to see the options.
06/03/2015 20:42

Updating stuff

The time has come to update. Been using several website's to share my art and decided to keep in touch with only 3 + 2 (social) website's. These will be, in rank and popularity / most viewed be: - Google+ (social network) - DeviantArt - FurAffinity - Furiffic - Facebook Read more
25/01/2015 16:59