Doom was born in germany, Near the city Userin deep in the forest within a big pack of wolves. One day his drunk dad accidentally killed his mom and in anger he tried to avenge his mother by "killing" his father. In panic, he took his little brother along and ran into a village. This caused a horrible event with the humans who eventually destroyed almost all of the Djotranawolves and their home.  Rudolphe did not spoke for 5 years and when Doom turned 15 his full psychic power was awakened. That power was so strong and unstable that he decided not to use it anymore.


1.9 Meters ยท 6 Feet, 2.8 Inches

Eye Colors

Body Type


Extra Attributes

He mostly wears a leather jacket, uses a chainsaw as weapon and rarely wears a bandana over his forehead.

He has big rear legs, pointy ears and his hair is split in two long bangs hanging at the sides of his face that reach till his shoulders. His eyes are acid green and his pelt has a few gradients of dark gray and chocolate brown. His hair and manes, who connect with the fur of his tail in a stripe towards the tip, has dark crimson red colors.

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Doom is a grumpy, sadistic, agitated looking cannibal who seems to be kinder than most think. Despite being lazy, he still has a massive amount of endurance and stamina. Sadly, he has absolutely no patience.
Doom is the type of guy that sets no limits; he's extremely intelligent and loves using violence.

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