The name's Revi, based on the name of my very first anthro character Revi Renova Wolfe who I created when I was 9 years old. 
Eversince then, everything went towards the next level. Character creations.
I love art, anything based on wolves and giraffes and games.

I'm a sketcher, clean lineart in my galleries are rare.

Favorite game? Okami ofcourse pff.. 
-but not because she's a wolf... the art style, the story. Holy crap. If this were a tiger or a bear i'd still play it.

I'm a little weird sometimes, crazy you can say. But you can always talk to me whenever u feel like it. I'm also rather active at evenings and I like peanut butter...

I started drawing Looneytunes based wolves and coyotes when I turned 9, together with my little cousin we made various characters. Later when I joined college people told me that the characters i've been drawing all this time were called furries and that I am considered being a furry, which is.. idunno not my choice? 
Back then I just called them Cartoons since they were developed from Wile E. Coyote. After searching I knew these animals were called Anthropomorphics and I stay with this term, anthro. Why? Because Furry is a sub-culture and I prefer not to be in any. And Anthro sounds more epic :'D
Calling me furry is fine, calling my characters furries is fine too but don't be a dick about the sub-culture since most of them are fine and shy people. 


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