Riatsila the Fox is feeling Awake
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When he was a baby, his village was attacked by a tribe of Feline-Clan.  The Feline High Shamaness, guided by spirits was commanded to take Riatsila and raise him herself.

Not remembering this, he grew up in the Feline-Clan village as though they were his own, until one day he heard some of the tribe talking about him, and he learned then what had happened.  With an angry and heavy heart, he knew then he didn't belong any longer, and left them behind.

Over time, he joined the Ranger Guild of the kingdom of Noraine.  Applying skills he learned from his surrogate tribe, he quickly grew to be a valued asset to the guild.  On a routing scouting mission, an evil spirit caught him in a trap, cursing him with a berserker demon possessing his body.  The druids of the guild were able to subdue him in this berserker state, and sealed the demon away with an enchanted collar.  He always wears it, until the day he can be purified.

His current mission is to scout out a rumored Avatar of Gadith, the god of Light.

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My primary character, but also a main character from a story I've been working on.

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