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Okay, so I guess I did another request from the DeDraMo pile anyway because I'm in much better spirits now than I was this morning (I'm getting the flu, but apparently my computer was only crashing because of a dead stick of RAM). Still want to open commissions, but I felt like a victory-lap of sorts to reinaugurate my laptop.

Anyway, that's not important to the art: This time it's Altan for altanthefurry  altanthefurry! I figured he's be a fun design to work with, not overly complicated, but I like the hair style.
The shading was a little funny on this one, because my settings seemed to get messed up a little bit after my computer troubles, but I'm trying to adjust them back to how I had them.
As for the design itself, I wasn't sure what I'd go with, but I decided to do a bit on foreshortening. Still not my strongest point, but I'm trying to work on it!
Thanks for the request, I hope you like it!

-Edit- Did a little color-work just now. Stepped away for a bit, looked at it, and wondered "what was I thinking?"
Darkened the shadows some, and changed the lineart color.
I think this looks MUCH better than before.
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