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I've been wanting to do something for her for a while now. Its not <i class="bbcode bbcode_i">quite[/i] how I see her...but its closer than i've been able to do thus far.

Destiana is a unicorn who grew up in the forests, away from people and anything modern. She ventured out of the forest that she grew up in and protects seeking to see if any others of her kind still exist having seen none in many years. Still young, and naive the world is an amazing place. Clothing is still strange to her, though she has taken to wearing a light sundress when about others having been informed at least once that its improper to go about in public in the nude. When she asked why it was a flustered explanation that was given.

She has no idea the reason other unicorns shun the forest she lives in is she's not pure. At least not to those who would come visit her. The white hide comes from her mother, a good unicorn; while her hairs black color comes from her father, a dark 'evil' unicorn. Its a rare moment that those two types mingle, let alone have a child together.

Personality wise she's friendly to everyone, and never developed the sense of being better than others like she's heard most unicorns hold claim to.

Destiana ©Ricari  Ricari

Base by Baronessa  Baronessa

Color by Ricari  Ricari
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