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Picture it if you will, eggs in a warm nest, starting to rock as those within prepare to venture into the world under the watchful eyes of their family. The first crack to be heard causes a hush to fall upon the spectators, all attention locked now upon the eggs. Dragons and Naga all watching in eager anticipation to see the children join them. An egg splits in half with a loud pop, the young naga inside blinking and looking around, another egg, this time a young dragon. The excitement is now palpable as the children are all healthy and well.

And then the third egg, which while it had rocked had not yet cracked even a little began to rock harder. Almost vibrating in its intensity, drawing all eyes to it just before it burst open. Shards of shell scattering about like the shrapnel from a grenade, a shocked sound heard as a pink goo now covered the nest, the two whom had already hatched and the two eggs that had yet to hatch. Shock rippled through the watchers, what had happened? How had such a thing happened??

And then a gasp escaped from one of the watchers as the gooey mess began to ripple and move. Pulling itself together slowly but surely, soon a young dragon made of goo was blinking up at her family. Causing relief to flood the watchers, leaving only a small amount of confusion as to how one of the children had turned out to be of the goo species.


She'd heard the story of her birth often told as if it were some mysterious story. It had become a little tiresome, and why she rarely brought friends home with her. Karina was still young, worrying over the silly things only youth can understand the sheer magnitude of importance of. Her first job working in a theater, the boy she liked as well as the girl. And them *Never* meeting her family if she could help it. Not that she could pull that one off forever. Ahh youth...

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