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On July 10th, I went in for surgery for a hernia, so bending over, and doing a lot of physical stuff is out for me for awhile, which sucks! I'm pretty much feeling useless as I have a new roommate who moved in down stairs in the basement and seems kind of well...not what I expected at the moment....
15/07/2017 04:28

RMFC is Gone

If you hadn't seen the news on FB and you're a Colorado Furry, don't count yourself lucky. The crossfire of losing a convention is pretty fresh and the wounds are far from healing. People blame a group calling themselves the Furry Raiders, I can say this though, don't go blaming just them. The li...
11/04/2017 07:47


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21/04/2016 02:21


Role-playing No
16/03/2016 06:11


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Species: wolf
Artist Type: art whore
Mood: anxious
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Working toward the Myth and Legends Con and also getting some artwork finished and a piece of literature I am working far so good

Finally got three new pictures

Snowing outside, but apparently the roads are clear is draining me

What On my mind? Um...trying to figure out how to do art and have my head working

O_O I'm still confused

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