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All it took was one mistake, and Fox made it. He had promised Krystal that he would be with her forever, to love her forever, yet what did he do? Out of worry and despite her asset as a team member, he cast her out of his life because his love for her conflicted with his job. Guess his work was more important than his oath to her.

After being booted out, Krystal was taken in by Panther and shown true devotion and love. And by the end of the Anglar Invasion, the two remained together, both leaving for the outer system to avoid the hate that the people treated Krystal with, despite her having saved the Lylat system as a member of Star Wolf. They often go back and forth between Sauria and Kew, but for the most part they live on Sauria. While still members of Star Wolf, Panther and Krystal take more of a backseat to the merc life, only going on missions when Wolf feels he needs Panther and Krystal's expertise.

Marcus was born eight months after the Anglar invasion, a cerinian fox of white and black fur with the blue hair of his mother. He was raised with love from both of his parents, and like his father, developed a bit of a vanity complex, seeing himself as a man to be admired for his looks and his intellect. He is a steadfast ally however, and was taught from a very early age how important friends are. He was very adept at flying as soon as he was old enough to pilot his mother's Sky Runner, and was stealthy enough to help on several missions to keep the more violent pockets of remaining Sharpclaws crippled in supplies and outmaneuvered.


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Star Wolf pilot, empath/telepath

Extra Details

Mother: Krystal Caroso

Father: Panther Caroso

'Uncle': Wolf O'Donnel

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Luminescent silver rose tattoo on the back of his right handpaw.

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Son of Krystal and Panther Caroso/ Starfox OC

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