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On the 28th day of spring during the 41st year of Sekhmet, Robert was born into the world, the youngest son of King Farnem Silvermyst and Queen Janelle Silvermyst, the ruling family of the continent of Furgasta. His elder brother Simon was five years old at the time and helped look after his younger brother. Five years would pass as Prince Simon was taught by private tutors and his parents on the duties and responsibilities of a ruler, as he was the eldest of the two. Robert spent most of his time being cared for by Minis, the captain of the royal guard and his newborn daughter. Robert and Minis' daughter grew to be close friends.

However, tragedy would strike one night as cloaked men stole into the castle, intent on kidnapping the Silvermyst children. Robert's cries alerted Minis, who charged into the room. While Minis was successful in saving Robert, the others had gotten away with Simon.

There was much panic in the castle, and over the next several years, Farnem and Janelle sent out search parties, posted up rewards for information and the safe return of Simon. But what was most unusual about it all was there was no ransom, no demands or anything. Robert was raised then to become the successor, and eventually his parents ceased their searches, despite Robert insisting that they continue them.

Despite Robert's close bond with Minis' daughter, the law forbade him from pursuing anyone not born of nobility. In an effort to unite the continents of Furgasta and Delucia, Farnem put Robert into what would be an arranged marriage to Olivia Ragnok, a rather stuck-up snot who was known for treating her servants and people like garbage

The Demon War
39th day of winter during the 41st year of Set
Before Robert was to be crowned the new king to take his father's place, and before the arranged marriage was to take place, the skies over Castle Amun-Ra grew dark. Waves of demons began sweeping through the streets, delivering death to those who stood in their way. But the biggest surprise came in the form of who was leading the demons: Simon Silvermyst himself. While Robert was too late to stop his possessed brother from killing their parents, he battled valiantly against his own brother. In the end, however, Simon's new-found power sent the prince off the edge of a cliff and into the rapids below.

Robert was found unconscious by a winged vixen named Lilly, a ranger who was in hiding from the demon armies. She resuscitated the prince and healed him of his wounds. In return for saving his life, she tasked him with helping her free her parents and the rest of the captured townsfolk of Karneet from a demon slaver. They snuck into the place and eventually slew the demon lord, but when they arrived in the dungeon, her father was already dead, and her mother was shackled to the wall, naked and emaciated. The woman revealed that Lilly was not her blood born daughter, but a young girl she had found out in the woods, abandoned. And the wings were a mark of divine provence.

Robert and Lilly began gathering up survivors, eventually running into Minis and his daughter, as well as gaining the aid of a demoness named Lotus, who desired to free Simon from his possession out of her love for the jackal prince. After the towns were free of the demons, a final assault was made on Amun-Ra castle. The battle was long and bloody, but the demons found themselves outmatched as the warriors were assisted by the summoned angels of Hethert and Isis. Robert, Lilly, Lotus, Minis and his daughter made their way into the castle. Lotus preformed the soul swap ritual, freeing Simon's soul from the amulet he wore and binding the Archdemon's soul to the amulet.

However, the archdemon had gathered enough strength to not only break free from the amulet, but to create for himself a physical form. Robert and Simon launched their attacks on the archdemon, but were easily cast aside. As the Archdemon launched a death spell at Robert, Lilly intercepted it, taking the full brunt of the spell. In her last moments, she told Robert the truth about herself. She was the avatar of the Goddess Sekhmet, sent to fulfill the purpose of putting an end to the archdemon so that Apep, the devourer of worlds, would not awaken. She turned herself into pure spiritual energy and bound herself to Robert's body and soul. Her wings now graced his back, and he was filled with divine power beyond anything he had ever been able to control before.

The ensuing battle was vicious, the conflicting energies rocking the castle to the foundations and causing a deep divide in front of the castle, the area scarred by a demonic attack that was intended for Robert. But with one final spell, Robert slew the archdemon, turning him into energy and using the energy to repair the breach between the mortal world and the infernal hells.

9th day of Spring in the 41st year of Osiris
Robert has taken over the throne of Furgasta while his brother and his mate Lotus begin training the troops to defend against the impending attack from the Ragnok family, the ones responsible for Simon's kidnapping and possession, as well as the Demon War. Robert watches over the rebuilding of the war torn country, giving aid wherever he can while settling disputes over land and supplies. He finds himself weary, both physically and emotionally. While the woman he loved was forever a part of him, he could never be with her as he was during the war. And dealing with the constant problems and organizing of restoration projects further drain him. His brother Simon, out of worry for his brother's mental and physical health, decided to do what he could to find his brother a partner, be it a lover or a personal servant.

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High king of the continent of Furgasta.


simon silvermyst

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Large Angelic Wings, Body infused with divine magic, Long brown hair kept in a ponytail

Cinder42 · 02/11/2015 22:54 · 2 Replies

The amount of detail put into this character and his backstory is fantastic! Great job!

Robert Silvermyst · 02/11/2015 23:39

Thank you. I've been developing and reworking his story for a good twenty years, as well as the world and its lore.

Cinder42 · 03/11/2015 00:47

Whoooaaah! That's a long time, it certainly shows! It's honestly refreshing to see someone put so much effort and care into a character and story like this!

Robert Silvermyst · 03/11/2015 01:09

I view this character as an extension of myself and a culmination of my dreams, fantasies and love for things medieval, egyptian and furry, and it continues to be a passion project of mine. While I do create other characters that I roleplay as on other sites, this one is to me the most important. I'm glad you enjoy what I created ^.^

High King of Furgasta.

My Fursona character.

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