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On the 14th day of Fall during the 41st year of Wepwawet, Simon was born into the world, the eldest son of King Farnem Silvermyst and Queen Janelle Silvermyst, the ruling family of the continent of Furgasta. His younger brother Robert was born five years later. over the next five years of his life, Prince Simon was taught by private tutors and his parents on the duties and responsibilities of a ruler, as he was the eldest of the two. Robert spent most of his time being cared for by Minis, the captain of the royal guard and his newborn daughter. Robert and Minis' daughter grew to be close friends.

Tragedy would strike one night as cloaked men stole into the castle, intent on kidnapping the Silvermyst children. Robert's cries alerted Minis, who charged into the room. While Minis was successful in saving Robert, the others had gotten away with Simon. Having been drugged, the boy could not put up any resistance as he was taken through the woods, along the river path until they reached a waiting rowboat. The boy was unceremoniously thrown into it as his kidnappers slipped in and made their way to the waiting pirate ship. En route, he was bound by the arms and legs and gagged to make the transport easier.

The trip by sea took all of three days. He was caged, forced to eat watery gruel out of a bowl like a feral dog, mocked and even pissed on until they landed on the northern shore of the Delucia continent. There, what he endured on the ship would soon seem like a welcomed reprieve in comparison. He was taken to a temple where Apep the Destroyer was worshipped. Stripped bare and bound to an altar, he got to see the one responsible for his kidnapping and for all that was to follow; Jacobson Ragnok, the current king of the royal Ragnok family. Several young children were sacrificed around him in the most heinous of ways, from beheadings with blunted knives, to being quartered by feral horses. These sick sacrifices engulfed the area in a sphere of great demonic energy, transporting Simon and the altar he was strapped to into the demon realm.

There, the Archdemon Nizzamoff awaited. His body, mind and spirit would be put through what seemed like an eternity of tortures and temptations, the holy energy that flowed through him twisted by demonic energies that caused the young prince unimaginable pain. But the Archdemon prevented the boy's body from being able to pass out. Days turned to weeks, weeks to seasons, seasons to years.

It was during his fifth year there that he was approached by a demoness named Lotus, She was the same species as him. But instead of a temptation of lust or an added torture, she gave the boy water to drink. Not sure what to make of this, he questioned her several times while his torturers were away to communicate with the Ragnoks. She explained her story, how she lived her life as a thief, taking from others in the name of survival. One boy she stole from looked much like him. But rather than call the guard on her, he tried to reason with her each time, each time warning her that her actions would lead only to despair. She grew to like the boy but never headed his words as it was the only kind of life she ever knew. In the end, her boss killed her when she outlived her usefulness. Her kindness to him was an effort to at least try, even in the afterlife, to do something right.

However, she would not be able to keep returning to him for long. And a few years afterwards, Simon could take no more. His soul's connection to his body was too loose, his holy energies all but gone, replaced with demonic energies. Finally, Simon's soul was drawn up into a soulstone amulet, and Nizzamoff took over the young man's body. It would take a few years more for the Archdemon to fully settle into his new 'home'.

The Demon War
39th day of winter during the 41st year of Set
Before Robert was to be crowned the new king to take his father's place, and before the arranged marriage was to take place, the skies over Castle Amun-Ra grew dark. Waves of demons began sweeping through the streets, delivering death to those who stood in their way. But the biggest surprise came in the form of who was leading the demons: Simon Silvermyst himself. While Robert was too late to stop his possessed brother from killing their parents, he battled valiantly against his own brother. In the end, however, 'Simon's' new-found power sent the prince off the edge of a cliff and into the rapids below. As the Archdemon destroyed all Simon had ever truly loved, Simon could do nothing but watch helplessly, his anger, grief, rage, all fuel to boost the Archdemon's power as his soul lay trapped in the amulet.

However, the Archdemon made one very fatal mistake, and that was in the cunning work of Lotus. During the years, she worked her way up in the demon army, doing all she could to get close to the Archdemon and his new body. She had studied in private of the workings of the soulstone and took every opportunity she could to craft a second, a perfect, working replica. Taking one of Delucia's jackal wolven guards, killing him and forcing the soul into the duplicate soulstone, she waited for the right moment to exchange the two amulets before leaving on her last mission to hunt down Prince Robert. There, after faking her own death at Robert's hands before Lilly killed the Eye Demon that watched all proceedings from the sky, she joined Robert's cause and allowed Robert to converse with Simon, who was elated to see his younger brother still alive and well.

Robert and Lilly began gathering up survivors, eventually running into Minis and his daughter, as well as gaining the aid of a demoness named Lotus, who desired to free Simon from his possession out of her love for the jackal prince. After the towns were free of the demons, a final assault was made on Amun-Ra castle. The battle was long and bloody, but the demons found themselves outmatched as the warriors were assisted by the summoned angels of Hethert and Isis. Robert, Lilly, Lotus, Minis and his daughter made their way into the castle. Lotus preformed the soul swap ritual, freeing Simon's soul from the amulet he wore and binding the Archdemon's soul to the amulet.

However, the archdemon had gathered enough strength to not only break free from the amulet, but to create for himself a physical form. Robert and Simon launched their attacks on the archdemon, but were easily cast aside. As the Archdemon launched a death spell at Robert, Lilly intercepted it, taking the full brunt of the spell. In her last moments, she told Robert the truth about herself. She was the avatar of the Goddess Sekhmet, sent to fulfill the purpose of putting an end to the archdemon so that Apep, the devourer of worlds, would not awaken. She turned herself into pure spiritual energy and bound herself to Robert's body and soul. Her wings now graced his back, and he was filled with divine power beyond anything he had ever been able to control before. But Robert was not safe. During all of this, Simon faced the Archdemon, hopelessly out-powered, but buying his brother as much time as he could.

The ensuing battle was vicious, the conflicting energies rocking the castle to the foundations and causing a deep divide in front of the castle, the area scarred by a demonic attack that was intended for Robert. But with one final spell, Robert slew the archdemon, turning him into energy and using the energy to repair the breach between the mortal world and the infernal hells.

9th day of Spring in the 41st year of Osiris
Robert has taken over the throne of Furgasta while Simon and his mate Lotus begin training the troops to defend against the impending attack from the Ragnok family, the ones responsible for Simon's kidnapping and possession, as well as the Demon War. Robert watches over the rebuilding of the war torn country, giving aid wherever he can while settling disputes over land and supplies while Simon commands his armies to keep the country safe. His presence is a controversy among the people. Some are sympathetic to Simon, knowing that it was the Archdemon using the prince's body to cause such a disaster, not Simon himself. Others despise SImon, some even calling for his head, vengeful over the lose of their loved ones. However, Robert has done all he can to keep the masses from getting out of control on the matter, and Simon continues to do all he can to atone for sins that were never truly his.


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