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Welcome one and all. My name is Robert, though on other spots I go by Semater.

I am a bit of an artist, but not by much. My interests in the medium are more focused around storytelling and world building. I am heavily invested in role playing. While I enjoy the prospect of fursuiting, I have pieced together a suit over a number of years and put together a partial. I suit up during Renaissance faires and conventions. I am also working on developing a new Table Top game called Fur & Fantasy, which will be a new spin on the d20 style of pen and paper. Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, it will feature a robust number of anthro races, a branching class system with tiered feats that can be selected to better personalize your play style.

My greatest pride comes from my main fursona, Robert Silvermyst. This is a character that has been a part of me for the past 20+ years. I have built a very large and intricate world around this character, a lore that spans three thousand years. I have built bits and pieces of the world in various text files, but never once have I been able to write out a complete novel about it. Yet. Depending on how well Coming Home turns out, I intend to bring the Legend of Furgasta to life in a trilogy.

I look forward to making lots of friends here and having a good time overall.

Status: Single

Personality: Quiet, calm, friendly


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'Coming Home' Update 8

Life comes at you fast. And having ADHD doesn't help matters when one's attention gets swept up in everything else. It's been four years since my last update, which I'm ashamed I left this alone for this long. Now that life has 'settled' down a bit and I'm able to devote more time to this projec...
9 months ago

'Coming Home' Update #7

Alright, it has been quite some time since the last update, but there is a lot that has been done! ~Beach Scenes are complete! The day starts with you choosing which of the eight you want to spend your day with. The first third of this focuses mostly on spending time with the one you choose, del...
19/08/2016 23:20


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Zuko Scorch

12 months ago

Anubis the Galcario

23/02/2020 01:15


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Iota Draconis

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Very nice gallery!!

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Thank you =3

Sheera · 30/01/2016 01:44

No it's true!

Robert Silvermyst · 30/01/2016 01:45

Didn't say it wasn't =P

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02/11/2015 22:53

Hey there, thanks a bunch for faving my work!

Grinn3r · 02/11/2015 23:54

oops. sorry about the double post

Robert Silvermyst · 02/11/2015 23:56

It's alright, it happens.

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Hey there, thanks a bunch for faving my work!