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'Coming Home' Update 8

Published: 1 week ago

Life comes at you fast. And having ADHD doesn't help matters when one's attention gets swept up in everything else. It's been four years since my last update, which I'm ashamed I left this alone for this long.

Now that life has 'settled' down a bit and I'm able to devote more time to this project, I am getting back into working on this. There are going to be a few changes to two characters: Nikky and Taylor. With Taylor, I want to delve into more of the idea of what would cause someone to get gender dysphoria in an unnatural way. Having seen how some parents have put children through some pretty sick stuff that has gone viral online, I have a better understanding of how it could be forced onto a child, something that could be worked into Taylor's backstory. Also, I am changing Nikky from being a trans female to being a gay cross-dresser. I already have Taylor for the gender dysphoria angle, and this new vision of Nikky already fits in line perfectly with how he acts in game anyways.

I will be starting the routes going from where I left off, and I will be starting with Lilly, our beautiful blind musician.

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