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Hello everyone! my name is Tymbur, let me tell you a little bit about myself.
Name: Tymbur
Nickname: Well some people just call me bur or tym for short, but I prefer my full name if i don't know you well enough.
Age: Young
Gender: Genderless, but I prefer the male pronouns please.
Habitat: I live out in the forests, wandering only sometimes. I stay with the Wolf packs and protect them from anyone or anything that would want to harm them, especially the pups.
Concept: I am completely Timber Wolf themed, its probably where i get my love for these creatures!

Physical Description: 
I am a relatively young dutch angel dragon, My coat is multiple shades of browns and tans to fit in with some of the wolves that I live with. I lack horns on my head, but that's alright, I have a pretty thick and strong skull. I have spikes that start at the top of my tail and end where my feathers start. My feathers are off to the sides and just kind of hang it seems. My eyes are a golden color while my paw pads and the inside of my mouth are pure white. I have decently sized wings, though I don't use them much for flying. My wings are three shades of brown starting at a light brown going into a grayish brown. My bones are super strong, they help me move large boulders, fallen trees, and things like that to help the packs i live with and makes up for my lack of flying probably.

I'm an over all nice person, probably to nice if you ask some people. I love to meet new people and discover new things. I love to run around and play, jumping into ponds and swimming around sometimes is nice too. I don't enjoy flying all that much however, I prefer to walk. I have to warn you however, I may be silly and playful but if you hurt one of the packs I protect, someone I care for, or even myself, I WILL hurt you. I'm very protective over the ones I care for, I would do anything for them. If you touch a single fur on them I will be charging at you. 

One of my abilities has already been mentioned multiple times here, I am very strong. I am an Earth element dutch angel dragon, I prefer to keep to the ground where my strength can be of good use. Now don't get me wrong, my strength isn't the only thing you should be worried about. Be careful I don't bite you because my breath can turn into a poison.

I like wolves, making new friends, sweet foods, strawberries (if you give me anything strawberry related I will love you forever!), running around and playing.

I do not like people who hurt wolves or the ones I love, People who harm the forest in general, spicy foods, thunder.

I fear storms a lot mainly the loud thunder, it scares me very much. Being or feeling alone, I grew up with a pack my entire life so the feeling is just horrible.

I have an older brother named Crow, but I don't talk to him much (He's from the Abyss and isn't very nice most of the time) and Malthael but hes much like crow with the whole, not talking much. I know the wolf packs, I suppose they're like family if you'd count them.

Well! Thanks for stopping by! 

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