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Yo what up, I am Chris, i'm an 18 year old college student who lives in Michigan. I love foreign culture and history. I collect country flags (I have 16 in total = Can, Rus, Swe, Nor, Den, Aut, Tur, Svk, Ger, Ita, Pol, Gbr, Ire, Ned, Lux). I like Hetalia, Blue Exorcist, Attack on Titan, My Little Pony. I'm a superhero fan, I casually play video games when i'm not wasting my life. I major in Zoology/Biology for college. Sometimes i'm an asshole, but if I like you i'm lovable until betrayed. I would die for my friends tbh.

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GlassCityCon 2015

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GlassCityCon 2016

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Prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18522285/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18522285/} Terms and Conditions: Will Draw: -Humans -Anthros -Ferals -Pokemon -Monsters -Slight Nsfw -Ask about certain kinks Will not draw: -Vore -Scat -Micro/Macro -TF -Furtaurs (Anything half human is okay) ...
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