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Artist Type: Improving Artist

UPDATE: Returning to activity(Slowly..)

Hey guys! I'm making a slow crawl back to being active, mostly by having various artwork and etc
1 month ago

Hiatus Extention/Suffering from Artist's Burnout.

I'm Sorry to say this
2 months ago

About that recent post... (Plus a quick PSA)

So the recent artwork I've posted had a character that I originally thought had belonged to an Instagram user [u](who deleted their account sometime before I even started painting the sketch)[/u], but the the character actually belongs to [b]@Skullcritter[/b] on Twitter
3 months ago

Opps, also forgot to mention....

Forgotnto mention
3 months ago

Hiatus Update

Due to recent events, my live has gotten a lot more busy
3 months ago

Taking a Long break(2 months or more)

Look, I know this is sudden and all but from the way life is going, I personaly think its for the best
4 months ago

Sorry, no art today...

I'm sorry guys, but I'm not posting any art today
4 months ago

Update: Posting this friday/Improving My Art?

So I've manage to get some art nearly completed[i](the sketches at least)
4 months ago

A quick update

I might not post on main sites like Deviantrt or FurAffinity until I build up enough artwork to start posting in a consistent manner
5 months ago