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Taking a Long break(2 months or more)

Published: 6 months ago

Look, I know this is sudden and all but from the way life is going, I personaly think its for the best. 

As the title clearly states, I’m going to be taking a 2 month break from general activity on every site I post on, possibly even longer. The main reason for this is because I don’t have enough art produce to fall back on, and posting old content from my old account would be a bad move as that stuff isn’t any good now and days. If I’m gonna post consistently, then I need to build up some stuff to post, and I haven’t been doing  that lately. Also I haven't been taking my time to thoroughly draw because the majority of art I’ve been putting out is nothing but rushed garbage. A majority of stuff that was posted were only sketches, unfinished bullshit. So I really need to take the time to put quality effort into my art or I’m not going to get far.

Another reason why I’m taking this break is because I’m gearing up to work on some big projects, some of them long term. I’ve been wanting to do a comic for the longest, even if it’s just some simple skits. So I’m going to be writing out some characters, developing their personalities, designs and such until there well developed and maybe start a series with those characters. However, the majority of my focus on the subject of comics will be reviving or completely redoing an old project from 2013 that was unfortunately abandoned due to difficulties with the plot(as everything was done as I went on), and the people I was working with at the time eventually drifted apart. The only assets I have left of the project is the remaking storyline and the name. The plot itself needs some heavy tweaking to fix any plot holes and errors while characters need to be completely rewritten. So hopefully everything goes as planned.
Also, I’ve recently opened up a YouTube channel. Right now, it's currently dormant, but I plan on doing animations, speed paints, gaming and possibly reviews in the future. This might retain to the project I’m reviving because the project itself was once an animation with about 4 parts completed. I might just reanimate it instead. Other than that main project, there’s also a few other ideas I’d like to revisit and make comics out of.

I also just got a new digital art program called Procreate which is a big upgrade over IbisPaint X in terms of tools and brushes. I’m not exactly sure if I’m willing to completely and permanently switch to Procreate as IbisPaint X does have a few little advantages over Procreate. I’ll alternate between the two to see which one works better(which might also affect my digital art a lot). If you happened to use Procreate or IbisPaint X, please tell me your experiences with it. I’d like to know your opinions about these digital painting apps because I want to know which one I’m going to stick with in the long run. (And just in case you don’t know yet, I use these apps on an iPad Pro 12.9 in).

Other than the whole project stuff, It’s just your usual life stuff I’m dealing with. Anyways, I’ll be seeing you guys within the next few months.

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