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So here's a concept peice of a charater I'm currently developing. I'm going for a personality that's spiritual, likes to do things the oldschool way, even though he's in his early 20's. I'm also shooting for a calm-like personality the majority of the time, but can go crazy sometimes. Still working on him, adding quirks, backstory etc. 

This was done kinda quickly, so the anatomy is a bit off and cartoonish in a way. I really need to practace gesturelines and porportions soon.  
As far as desing goes, it looks ok so far, but lacks some extra details, you know, spice! 


Although I don't allways thank people for this, ALL Favorites/Likes, Comments, & Watches/Follows are Greatly Appreciated!

Artwork & Charater (C) SR20_Weasel/SR_Weasel_DET

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