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Hello there!

I'm just new here and need to catch my breath here a little :]

If you are interested in what you see, please, tell me so I'll have more reasons to stay (and update it) here :) For now, more by me you can find on other galleries, the biggest (and oldest) is that on my DeviantArt, I'm there for almost 7 years.

Art Status:

Requests (free pictures) - open - but only on FA and dA, along my rules

ACEO/ATC trades - probably closed or try to ask if you don't mind to wait (please, be sure you know what ACEO is and how the things around work)

Art Trades (ATs) - closed

Art Commissions - closed - I have full line right now, on my website you can check it

Craft Commissions - open custom button making - more info on dA journal

Collaborations - closed - I need to finish accepted first

Kiribans, Raffles, Auctions - closed - open from time to time, will announce, none is open right now

Gifts (are gifts from me) - are for those I will choose by myself


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Hello there!

So... it's been few days back I joined this site because I liked the filtering system and wanted to give it at least a try :] Sadly, I don't have enough time to go back througj my gallery and submit here everything I would like to show you :( I'm going to submit here every new stuff and from time...
03/09/2015 18:59


Sheato Shadeslight posted to Samantha-dragon

29/08/2015 09:54

Welcome to Furiffic, Samantha.

Samantha-dragon · 29/08/2015 21:03

Thank you! I'm curious about this site, hopefully I will get friendly with it soon :)

Sheato Shadeslight · 30/08/2015 00:10

Same here.