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Commission forShySheri of her character, the white tigress as anthro sweet (and a little sexy) girl in kimono :] hope you will like the result (which come out even more like ilustration then colored sketch which I thought it's going to be :D) because I feel still quite satisfied with it :] I had big trouble to make a good scan, thanks to scanner of my friend (and boss :D) from work :) ShySheri, I'm going to send you original big scan privately :)

used: liners, color pencils (Jumbo for background, Polychromos for tigress, kimono and flowers), light beige part is drawn with some old old no-name color pencils (I wasn't able to draw this color with polychromos o.o), white gel pen
references: google images for "kimono" and "obi" for better idea how does it work and look like and to catch more japanesse mood
size: a bit cropped A5
time: two weeks (but not continuously worked of course)

character belongs to their ownershysheri

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