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 ... than you understand this quite well :)
Art Trade for Aishila with Therihar - showing their characters in love :] hope you will like the result (which come out even more like ilustration then colored sketch which I thought it's going to be :D) because I feel still quite satisfied with it :]

mood: Something between Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? (by Bryan Adams) and How Deep Is Your Love (by Bee Gees) - it sounds in my head all around :D

used: liners, color pencils (Jumbo for background, Polychromos for dragons), few touchs of watercolors and white gel pen for Aishila's stars
references: google images for "Aurora borealis" and then mixed few of them together - I wish to see this magic on my own eyes one day!
size: a bit cropped A5
time: week (but not continuously worked of course)

characters belong to their owners:
brown dragon to Therihar
black starred dragoness to Aishila

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