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it's been quite long when I submited something so here you are something we (all three) are completelly off and happy how it turned out! :3 Shhh, I have many more things to submit but I was quite busy and tired these weeks. xRashana asked me if I would like to join her in kind of triple-collaboration called "switch around meme". It catched my attention right when I found what that mean. And then we asked Kayrea to join us... and here is what came out. We are so dangerous combination! >:3 It was really fun and nice to work with both of you (and together) - I think we should try something again one day! ^^

So, each of us sketched our dragoness character (left column), then it moved by one and we did lineart (middle column) and then it switched last time and each of us colored sketch and lines did but others two (right column).

finished colors by me (character&sketch by xRashana, lines by Kayrea) here:


finished colors by xRashana (character&sketch by Kayrea, lines by  Samantha-dragon ) here:

finished colors by Kayrea (character&sketch by  Samantha-dragon , lines by xRashana) here:


Template is made by me and probably will be given to use for others too :)

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