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My finish part of Switch around meme type collaboration with me, xRashana and Kayrea
This piece is sketched by Rasha, lines are done by Kay and I did the colors + theme idea :]
I must say I like this way of coloring, I think I maybe start to catch the idea how it works and it's more about fun than on the very beggining :D

used: sketch by Rasha, lines by Kay, Photoshop, Wacom Intuos3 tablet
time: one very long evening/morning + some time days after with edits

big thanks belongs to Dreit too because he helped me with critiques to get it more then 20% cooler :P Thank you, Dreit, love you! *tighthug*

more about our collab read here + all pieces and wips can be seen here too:


character belongs to xRashana

Syfar Wolf ยท 10/10/2015 13:06

I'm a sucker for good/cool lighting. xD



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