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My part of monthly trade through ACEOfursXchange (September) for ZeitgeistDragon, phew, just finished it to be on time :D
For some reason I always enjoy to work with feather-winged characters alot... and maybe that's why I've chosen this almost fullbody sketch from the set I did... It wasn't easy to paint all the details and I was glad I bought few months ago that tiny brush (it looks like having about three bristles) :3 And yeah, used more than one biggest set of watercolors to get all the colors I needed :D
Some time ago I talked with Dreit what make some pictures that interesting for watchers when we are not talking about quality of drawing itself - he said opinion it could be the contrast. So, here you are, contrast of white dragoness (with cold-warm grey shading) with dark purple-blue background :3 I realized that I liked this color scheme a lot ^^
I hope you will like it :) at start I wanted to paint card with poping pieces and maybe even moveable but ZeitgeistDragon prefer classic pieces.

used: liners, watercolors (huuuge set from Dweit! ♥), white gel pen and white acrylic paint for white effects
paper: white conqueror

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