2.2 Meters · 7 Feet, 2.61 Inches


131.09Kg · 20 Stone, 9 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Hour glass


Lean muscular

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Sephora is a bit of a mutt in the dragon world. Combined with the features of a snow leopard, a polar bear, and a velociraptor, she has quite the appearance. In later years, more towards her adult age, she began to develop two different sets of horns, helping her to feel more like her dragon siblings. With her homeland being cold and snowy for nine months out of the year, her coat is both thick and and soft, and repels most of the moisture from snow and sleet. Sephora is highly equipped to deal with sub zero and Arctic temperatures. Big paws and massive claws give her the grip she needs to not slip on ice, and her wings are covered in water repelling feathers that lock in heat which help prevent the formation  of ice while she's flying. Considering she spends a great deal of time walking around on her hind legs, Sephora's tail is long and heavily muscled for balance and combat.

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